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AGAIN, I am sorry for the late updatew. Tumblr was NOT letting me post today. I had some tutorials done really early, but all day I had to wait. ):

Here’s the tutorial for a men’s bow shirt, made out of a shirt I got for a dollar at the local neighborhood garage sale. <3

this shirt is nifty in real life! i usually wear it with a black blazer (5 dollars at the thrift store). but today I wanted to match it with my new jean jacket ($3.50)


*it’s important to have a shirt that fits you properly; mine is a small in mens. use your better judgement. when putting it around your body, it’s like you’re putting on the shirt as a tube top, it’s simple!

**tightly button up the shirt (to the highest button possible) so it won’t fall off you; IT’S VERY IMPORTANT or your chest will be exposed when walking. ;D

*** make these bow arms supper poofy, or whatever style bow you prefer. mine is more of the poofier take. if you want the poofier take, fold the bow arms in a looser style. for a more starched look, fold arms super crispy and follow the rest of the directions. ;)

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